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About Ocean View Films

Ocean View Films was founded in 2020 by Jason Leeds. Jason, a film maker and San Clemente native has spent the majority of his professional career in the film business involved in large productions such as Titanic as well as commercials, TV, and music videos. A steadicam operator by trade, (please see Jason's demo reel at Jason has been interested in staying closer to home these days and would like to collaborate with brand leaders, real estate agents and brokers, as well as local musicians to create awesome video content to assist in sales, marketing, and brand awareness.

The Process

What we do at Ocean View Films is meet with our prospective clients to find out their goals and what we can do visually to help realize those goals. Sometimes it's a fun and quirky idea, other times it's straight to the point. Whatever your goals are, having to the ability to create a video with high production value on a much smaller scale is what we specialize in. 

The Same Gear They Use On The Big Movies

We own and have access to the same equipment used on big movies, commercials, and streaming television. 

Current Deals

We are looking for test subjects to help build our own brand! Have a property or a product you have an idea for? Reach out! Let's talk about it!


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